The Executive Director’s New Year Address

Most of us who enjoyed a few days leave are back in our offices, with batteries fully charged and ready to rock 2019!

This is beginning of 2019 and I don’t want to say, "I wish that we will..." or "I hope that...".

This year we MUST make things happen! We have the targets and milestones clearly defined by the 2030 SDGs, END TB Strategy, UNHLM on TB, The GF/StopTB/WHO "FIND.TREAT.ALL" Joint Initiative and The Global Plan to end TB 2016-2020 - so, let’s do it!

Watch the New Year’s address here:

There are three points I would like to make with this message:

1. Almost four months have passed since the UN HLM on TB took place. If we want to achieve what was promised, we need to significantly change the way in which we operate, demand access and quality of services and products, and the way in which we communicate, collaborate, set our ambition levels and hold ourselves accountable.

2. We - the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat staff - will use all our knowledge and expertise, professionalism, energy, ambition, sense of humor, and love to support all country programs, partners, colleagues and friends, and ultimately all of you - to change the lives of all people affected by TB (sick or infected) and make the world a much better place. We commit to this!

3. I want to be very clear - we will NOT end TB in 2019, we will not avoid all deaths due to TB, we will still miss the resources we need. In 2019 we will continue facing frustrations and challenges. At the same time, in this new year, we have many opportunities to achieve so much in our fight with this terrible disease, make a difference and save the lives of millions of people. We will look in the mirror every day and know that we did our best!

...And because Bohemian Rhapsody just took Golden Globes 2019 for best motion picture and best actor, I'm extending the challenge to everyone so let’s make sure that in 2019 "We are the Champions!"

Thank you. Let’s Rock 2019!

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Thanks and Happy New Year!