Positive Health Outcomes - All health related programs are eventually assessed on their direct impact on the health and wellbeing of the intended audience. CFCS grantees have produced amazing results in improving health and saving lives. 

Sustainable Programs - By placing a focus on the sustainability of projects, they continue to run well after grant funds have been used. Unique approaches result in lasting change for TB patients. 

Building Capacity - CFCS grantees have engaged in programs that build capacity at the community level. Programs focus on skills building, community ownership, and training to mobilize communities. 

Education and Raising Awareness - CFCS grantees recognize that much of the stigma TB patients confront on a daily basis is due to misunderstandings and misconceptions. Projects aim to increase public knowledge of TB facts in order to reduce stigma. 

Policy Change and Political Commitment - Creating change at the policy level has long lasting benefits for TB affected communities. CFCS grantees help to shape local policies by advocating for TB to be placed on the political and social agenda of the local community. 

Scaling Up Activities - By implementing programs at the local level, grassroots organizations are laying a foundation for larger projects in the future.