Making a Difference at Home

By Bharat Bahadur Khadaka - Multi-Dimensional Resource Centre (Nepal)


Mr. Krishna Bahadur Yonjan is a 64 year old resident of Kalikhola, Nepal. Mr. Yonjan had been suffering for over a year; however he believed his symptoms were the result of a simple cold. He relied on cough syrup and other medications yet experienced no relief.

With a Challenge Facility grant, MRC Nepal established TB clubs in Mr. Yonjan's village. After becoming an active member in the Janapriya Stop TB group, his wife, Chandra Kumari Yonjan, recognized that her husband needed prompt medical attention.

Ending a year of mystery, Mr. Yonjan was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis. While the diagnosis is daunting, he expressed his gratitude to MRC Nepal, the WHO, and the Stop TB Partnership because he feels that the proper diagnosis has granted him "a new life."