To ensure that all people with TB can access convenient, accurate and rapid TB diagnosis.


  1. Develop rapid, affordable tests for diagnosis or triage that do not rely on sputum and are used at the point of care.
  2. Develop accurate DST for critical medicines, including through sequencing-based tests and strategies for early detection of resistance to the medicines used in regimens.
  3. Improve tools for detecting TB infection (i.e., latent TB), subclinical TB and testing for risk of progression to active disease.
  4. Develop and harness AI and machine learning-based tests.


  1. Ensure expanded and equitable access to critical knowledge and resources that enable the development of new diagnostic tools.
  2. Develop and evaluate a diverse portfolio of new tests and solutions.
  3. Demonstrate patient benefit and predict impact within the entire health system.
  4. Ensure that WHO-approved diagnostics are made available and appropriately used in relevant countries.
Political Declaration on TB
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Global Plan to End TB 2023-2030