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Civil society actors come together to fight TB

The inauguration of the Asia Regional GCTA workshop in New Delhi

New TB drug treatment could save millions of lives

AIDS 2014 hears about breakthrough in TB treatment

Stop TB Partnership at AIDS 2014

The 2014 International AIDS Conference will take place 20-25th July 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.

Stop TB Partnership will be hosted by UNOPS from 2015

The decision was made at the 25th Board meeting.

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12 August - Civil society actors from across Asia come together to fight against TBCivil society actors from across Asia come together to fight against TB
12 August 2014 - New Delhi, India - The Global Coalition for Tuberculosis Activists (GCTA), in association with the Stop TB Partnership and Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses are organizing a unique Regional Workshop to build the capacity of activists from across Asia to advocate for enhanced TB control.

05 August - New hope for MDR-TB patientsNew hope for MDR-TB patients
05 August 2014 - The USAID-supported Promoting Quality of Medicines (PQM) Program in collaboration with the Global Drug Facility (GDF) has helped attain WHO Pre-Qualification Program (PQP) approval for two important second-line TB drug products. The prequalification of Capreomycin and Levoflaxacin Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) is a significant win in the global fight against TB. This new development will save many more lives from multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) by increasing the quality and availability of TB medicines and also bringing about a reduction in price. These quality assured drugs are available through the Global Drug Facility (GDF) to countries to support their fight against MDR-TB.

04 August - Tajikistan launches its national Stop TB PartnershipTajikistan launches its national Stop TB Partnership
04 August 2014 - Dushanbe, Tajikistan - An event to inaugurate the national Stop TB Partnership in Tajikistan took place on 30 July in Dushanbe.

31 July - The Union's IMDP offers a TB Advocacy Programme Design Workshop31 July 2014 - The Union’s International Management Development Programme (IMDP) & the World Health Organization's West Pacific Region Office (WPRO) are organizing a capacity building workshop for TB advocates and patient organizations in the Region.

30 July - Could the rollout of molecular diagnostic tests improve tuberculosis...Could the rollout of molecular diagnostic tests improve tuberculosis control in India?
30 July, 2014 - Montreal / Geneva - New research investigates the likely effects of the rollout of Xpert in India using different implementation strategies. A mathematical model was developed that took into account tuberculosis transmission, careseeking behavior, and diagnostic/treatment practices in India.

29 July - TB REACH Spotlight: Nomadic tribe in Nigeria makes significant gains in...TB REACH Spotlight: Nomadic tribe in Nigeria makes significant gains in TB case detection
29 July 2014 - Adamawa, Nigeria - Adamawa is the only state in Nigeria where the nomadic Koma tribe lives and an estimated 90% of the state’s population are nomadic pastoralists. These groups are at an increased risk of developing and dying from TB due to their poor living conditions, low knowledge and awareness of TB infection risks, belief in traditional/alternative medicine and limited access to government TB services. Additionally, the common practices of animal husbandry and consumption of unpasteurized milk further increase the risks of TB infection because there is also a high burden of bovine TB among livestock due to the lack of veterinary care in the state. These challenges have resulted in TB causing an estimated 48% of all deaths among nomadic pastoralists in this region.



The Stop TB Partnership is leading the way to a world without tuberculosis (TB), a disease that is curable but still kills three people every minute. Our mission is to serve every person who is vulnerable to TB and ensure that high-quality treatment is available to all. Our partners are a collective force that is transforming the fight against TB in more than 100 countries. They include international and technical organizations, government programmes, research and funding agencies, foundations, NGOs, civil society and community groups and the private sector.