Stop TB Partnership

Employment Opportunities

The Stop TB Partnership Secretariat is hosted at the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. All recruitment for WHO positions must go through the WHO E-Recruit system.

Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) coordinates and manages procurement and delivery of TB commodities like quality assured medicines, diagnostic equipment and supplies to eligible countries, offering as well technical assistance for building more sustainable supply chain systems. The GDF has procured and distributed diagnostics and laboratory equipment for more than 130 countries to date, and supplied more than 23 millions of patients treatment for susceptible TB and more than 110,000 patient treatments for MDR-TB.By pooling the global demand for Second Line anti-TB Drugs within one single procurement platform, has reached up to 32% cost reduction for MDR-TB treatment, bringing a broader basis of suppliers producing quality assured medicines and allowing more market competition.

The GDF is interested in recruiting a writer on a temporary basis to update the contents of its web pages. The terms of reference can be found below. To respond to this expression of interest please send an email to and include your CV and the relevant information on financial aspects of the consultancy work to be undertaken. Read the terms of reference

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