Stop TB Partnership

The Operational Strategy 2013-2015

In January 2012, the Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board requested the development of a three-year Operational Strategy, to be implemented from 1 January, 2013 through 31 December 2015. The objective of this strategy is to serve as a roadmap for how the Partnership Secretariat, based on its comparative advantages and available financial and human resources, serves the Partnership and contributes to the Global Plan to Stop TB.

The Operational Strategy outlines the Partnership Secretariat’s four strategic priorities over three years. Given the significant resource constraints facing the Secretariat, this strategy represents a significant prioritization and streamlining of the activities and initiatives undertaken through 2012. These priorities have been developed based on the Secretariat’s comparative advantages and available financial resources.

The role of the Partnership Secretariat is facilitating, catalyzing, and coordinating partners, which it is uniquely positioned to do. The Secretariat is focusing on strengthening support to all current and future partners, working groups and other partnership bodies. We will identify shared opportunities, the most effective ways to sustain and expand their engagement and create platforms for their interaction and collaboration.

The Partnership Secretariat has a strong comparative advantage in global advocacy efforts as a neutral voice in TB advocacy and resource mobilization, with the ability to amplify the voices of partners. The Secretariat facilitates and links partners with common areas of interest and creates a platform to facilitate consensus and coordinate advocacy approaches. The Secretariat will continue its flagship initiatives, GDF and TB REACH, which provide critical services through and for our partners.

Our strategic goals and objectives are as follows:

  1. Facilitate meaningful and sustained collaboration among partners
  2. Increase political engagement by world leaders and key influencers to double external financing for TB from 2011 to 2015
  3. Promote innovation in TB diagnosis and care through TB REACH and other innovative mechanisms and platforms.
  4. Ensure universal access to quality assured TB medicines and diagnostics in countries served by the Global Drug Facility (GDF).