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Professor Charles Daley, MD, elected as Chair of the Core Group of Global Drug-resistant TB Initiative (GDI)

Professor Charles Daley, MD, was elected as the Chair of Core Group of the Global Drug-resistant TB Initiative (GDI) by the Core Group members. Dr Daley has served till recently as the Chair of the global Green Light Committee (gGLC) and brings with him strong clinical and educational background, field experience, leadership, and the ability to bring people together for global scale up of the programmatic management of drug-resistant TB (PMDT).

Dr Daley has worked with drug resistant tuberculosis patients for 20 years. He developed and implemented a national tuberculosis advice line that helped TB programs across the United States manage complicated forms of tuberculosis, including drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB). He participated in the development of the WHO 2008 Emergency Update of the Guidelines for the Programmatic Management of Drug-resistant Tuberculosis as well as the 2011 updates to the PMDT guidelines. Over the past few years, he has provided monitoring and technical assistance support to several high TB/ MDR-TB burden countries including China, the Philippines, Peru, and Kyrgyzstan. He has facilitated several international PMDT trainings aimed at building capacity for scale-up of PMDT. He has also conducted research in countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Brazil, and Colombia.

Announcing selection of Core Group of the Global Drug-resistant TB Initiative


Drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB), particularly multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) and extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) represent significant threats to global TB control efforts and a major public health concern in several countries. Levels of MDR-TB remain worryingly high in some parts of the world, notably countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In several of these countries, up to 32% of new cases and more than 50% of previously treated cases have MDR-TB.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that worldwide 450,000 people developed multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) and at least 170,000 deaths were caused by MDR-TB in 2012. Globally, the overall detection of cases of MDR-TB increased from 29,000 in 2008 to about 94,000 in 2012. However, only around 77,000 eligible patients were actually put on MDR-TB treatment. Despite progress, the number of MDR-TB cases initiated on proper treatment in 2012 represented only 17% of the estimated cases of MDR-TB. Achieving universal access to treatment as envisaged in resolution WHA62.15 requires a bold and concerted drive on many fronts of TB care.

The Global Drug-resistant TB Initiative (GDI) has been recently constituted as a Working Group for drug- resistant TB related issues (DR-TB) replacing the previous MDR-TB Working Group and the global Green Light Committee (gGLC). The main focus of the GDI will be accelerating the global response to DR-TB through a partnership approach with involvement of all key stakeholders.