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The DEWG core team was established at the request of the secretariat with the aim of facilitating and accelerating decision making and setting the strategic directions of the DEWG. The core team is composed of four permanent technical members: The Union, the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, the Global Drug Facility (GDF) and, WHO) and non-permanent members serving for two years renewable. The non-permanent members include country representatives, representatives of financial partners, community representatives and representatives of other major technical agencies working in TB control. In addition the Chairs and Secretaries of the sub-groups are part of the core team.

The core group will hold teleconferences regularly as required by the chair, the secretariat, or at the request of a member of the core team. The background and working documents will be prepared by the secretariat as well as the notes for the record.

The terms of reference of the DEWG core team are to:

  1. Assist with the preparatory work for the annual meeting of the DEWG.
  2. Hold regular conferences, usually by telephone, to assist faster decision making related to the DEWG activities.
  3. Assist in preparing joint missions in support of countries in need of technical assistance on behalf of the DEWG.
  4. Ensure a clear approach to country assistance whereby a technical agency is identified to coordinate external assistance.
  5. Identify gaps in country technical assistance and develop plans to fill the gaps.
  6. Monitor progress in countries.
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