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11th DEWG meeting

The purpose of the 11th DEWG meeting was to present and discuss with the 22 TB High Burden Countries and Partners the latest global developments in TB Control, among which: global progress on PPM and ways to accelerate PPM scale up in countries including the outcome of the 7th PPM subgroup meeting; the contributions of TBREACH to Intensified Case Finding; the current status of the early implementation of Xpert MTB/RIF; and, the revised TB Case and outcome definitions related to the use of rapid diagnostic tools. During the meeting, the INAT subgroup launched a practical directory of new advances to support the appropriate uptake of new (and WHO endorsed) technologies and tools.


Meeting Presentations

Challenges for NTPs - Chakaya.pdf
Report 7th PPM subgroup meeting - Phil Hopewell.pdf
Contribution TB REACH to ICF - Sahu.pdf
Roll out of Xpert MTB RIF 2011 - Chris Gilpin.pdf
Revised TB case and treatment outcome definitions - Philippe Glaziou.pdf
Launch INAT practical directory of new advances - Christy Hanson.pdf

Stop TB Symposium on "Addressing poverty through quality TB control and research"

Thursday 3 December 2009 in Cancun, Mexico

Meeting Presentations

County Support
Global Progress

DEWG meeting 2009 on improving case detection

13 - 14 October 2009 at the CICG in Geneva, Switzerland

Meeting Presentations

Presentations Day 1
Presentations Day 2

Report of the Meeting of the DOTS Expansion Working Group: Engaging Professional Associations in TB Control

DEWG Annual Meeting 2008: Engaging Professional Associations in TB care and control

Meeting Presentations

1.Opening Session
2.Sharing of Country Experiences
3.Group Work and Conclusion

From DOTS to the Stop TB Strategy: Building on Achievements for Future Planning, Meeting of the 22 High Burden Countries and Core Groups of the Stop TB Partnership (by invitation only)

30 October 2006, La Maison des Polytechniciens, Paris, France

Symposium of the 37th Union World Conference of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease: From DOTS to the Stop TB Strategy: Building on Achievements for Future Planning (open to all)

31 October 2006, Palais des Congrès, Paris, France

Meeting Presentations

October 30
October 31
Online Coverage of 37th Union World Conference on Lung Health from
Joint Meeting of the DOTS Expansion, TB/HIV and DOTS-Plus for MDR-TB Working Groups in Memory of Lisa Véron

Laboratory Strengthening Subgroup of the DOTS Expansion Working Group and Supranational Reference Laboratory Network Meeting

Institut Pasteur, Paris, France 23-24 October 2005

The fourth meeting of the Subgroup on the Laboratory Capacity Strengthening (SLCS) of the DOTS Expansion Working Group and the Supranational Reference Laboratory Network (SRLN) took place in Paris, France from 23-24 October, 2005.

This meeting convened over 40 laboratory experts, partners from eight agencies, as well as representatives from WHO HQ and regional offices. The first day of the meeting focused on general laboratory issues, while the second day concentrated on the drug susceptibility testing. The aim of the meeting was to discuss technical and policy aspects related to improvement of laboratory services in high TB burden and special assistance countries. In addition, the need for strengthening collaboration and coordination with partners involved in TB control efforts was addressed. The work plan for the year 2006 was also discussed and endorsed by the subgroup members. It was clearly indicated that more visibility and resources should be designated to support laboratory work. Number of specific recommendations addressing various technical and policy issues were formulated by the members of the subgroup.


PDF LAB_agenda.pdf


Day1 - Laboratory Strengthening Meeting
Day2 - Supranational Laboratory Network Meeting

5th DOTS Expansion Working Group Meeting, Paris, France

4th DOTS Expansion Working Group Meeting, The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Logistics
    • Date - 7-8 October 2003
    • Location - The Hague, Netherlands
  • Agenda
  • Invitees
  • Final Report

3rd DOTS Expansion Working Group Meeting, Montreal, Canada

  • Logistics
    • Date - 5-6 October 2002
    • Location - Montreal, Canada
  • Agenda
  • Invitees
  • Final Report

2nd DOTS Expansion Working Group Meeting, Paris, France

  • Logistics
    • Date - 31 October 2001
    • Location - Paris, France
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