Stop TB Partnership

How to apply for the Challenge Facility

The current round has a budget of US$300,000. Individual grants range from US$5,000 to US$20,000.

The deadline for receipt of completed proposals, including all supporting and required documents, is

21 February 2014.

Please ensure that all documents required are uploaded along with the application form to the online submission system. Incomplete applications will be screened out by the CFCS Secretariat and not be considered by the Selection Committee. Applications must be accompanied by:

  • a copy of the registration certificate of the organization; and
  • a copy of any clearance issued by the competent national authority showing that you may receive grant funds from outside the country, if such a clearance is required by your government. In case such a clearance is not sent to the Stop TB Partnership within two months of being notified of the NGO being selected to win the grant the award of the grant will be cancelled and no funds will be remitted.
  • N.B. The second requirement above applies only if the country in which the NGO is registered has a regulatory requirement to have such a clearance before receiving money from outside the country.

    Funds available for Round 6 Grants will be awarded to proposals focusing on one or more of these activities:

  • A. Equip with tools and latest knowledge in TB, MDR-TB and HIV-associate TB the representatives of TB-affected communities (and other civil society constituency representatives) serving on the Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) and other structures related to Global Fund work in countries for proper representation at meetings;
  • B. Lead the creation of the seat for TB-affected people in Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) in a country where this constituency is not yet represented (as per revised GF CCM guidelines);
  • C. Prepare representatives of TB-affected communities to join the country TB programme review mission, or a country mission of the Global Fund; ; or strengthen the capacity of TB Civil Society Constituency for effective engagement in all TB-related (policy, planning, budgeting, monitoring and review) processes and meetings in the country;
  • D. Prepare representatives of TB-affected communities to meaningfully participate in the development of national strategy plans of their country;
  • E. Ensure participation in the ´country dialogue` prior to Global Fund concept note development, ensure that communities or civil society representatives for TB are part of the writing group of the GF concept note or the group reviewing the concept note;
  • F. Brief CCM members and other stakeholders on community system strengthening (CSS), GF´s human rights and gender equality policy, the promotion of patient-centered models, etc.
  • G. Ensure civil society participation, including key affected populations (KAP), are part of the Phase 2 Renewal process of Global Fund grants, and/or ensure their participation in other Global Fund processes within the means possible of the organization;
  • H. Strengthen capacity of individuals and civil society organizations to monitor Global Fund grants that have a TB component, including monitoring of drug stock-outs and other challenges.
  • Applicants may choose to apply to one or more of these activities depending on the amount of funds being requested.

    Application Forms and Guidance for Applicants

    The final decision about the selection of grantees will be made by an independent selection committee set up by the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat and its decisions are not subject to any appeal. By submission of a proposal, you understand and accept all the terms of the CFCS.

    Click here to download the Application Form in English [.doc]

    Click here to download the Guidance for CFCS Applicants [.pdf]

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    You can submit proposals in English, Spanish, Russian or French.

    All applications must be submitted through our Application Tracking Systema. CFCS will not receive applications sent by email for this funding round.

    Any questions can be send to; and please contact us in case there is problems with uploading documents

    One applicant organization cannot submit more than one proposal

    Please submit your proposal a few weeks before the deadline