Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 00:00
Washington DC, USA,

As part of the AIDS 2012 conference WHO organised and facilitated the skills building workshop for National TB and HIV programme managers "TB/HIV Collaborative Activities - Implement, Integrate and Scale up to Prevent TB Deaths in People living with HIV!" on 24th July 2012. The workshop was attended some 200 participants and aimed to accelerate the global scale-up of collaborative TB/HIV activities through a regional cross fertilization of experience and best practice. HIV and NTP Programme Managers from Cambodia, Guyana, India, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, the People’s Republic of China and Ukraine presented on key challenges, bottle-necks and progress in implementation as well as enablers and measures needed to scale up TB/HIV collaborative activities and concluded with a civil society verbal commentary. For presentations and the meeting agenda please visit the links below.

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