Dr. Daniela Maria Cirillo is a board certified clinical microbiologist, Head of the Emerging Bacterial Pathogens Unit at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute (HSR) in Milan, Italy since 2002. She is the director of the WHO/Union TB Supranational Reference laboratory and WHO Collaborating Centre for “integrated laboratory strengthening on tuberculosis and other emerging infections”. Dr. Cirillo’s particular areas of expertise include clinical bacteriology and mycobacteriology, infection control and moleculartyping of multidrug-resistant organisms, operational and basic research on TB including new diagnostics for active and latent TB infections. She and her collaborators provide technical support to several TB endemic countries. She participates in international and national working groups on tuberculosis, including the WHO ACSM Working Group, the national subgroup of mycobacteriology, working group for national TB recommendations, writing committee for the national mycobacteriology manual. She is a member of the steering committee of the TBnet, executive secretary of Stop TB Italia and of the Infection Control Committee of the HSR. She is the coordinator of one of the FP7 large collaborative projects approved by the European Union aimed at the development of a European network for study and clinical management of TB drug resistance