Stop TB Partnership awards frontline workers and grassroots organizations


Stop TB Partnership recognizes ongoing work and resilience in the tuberculosis (TB) response through the Kochon Prize 2022-2023 for Ukrainian health care workers and the Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS) 



21 September, New York, USA –The Stop TB Partnership, the Kochon Foundation, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and L’Initiative implemented by Expertise France celebrated the winners of the Kochon Prize 2022-2023, awarded to Ukraine health care workers for their hard work to fight tuberculosis despite the war, and announced the organizations selected as for funding as part of the historic Challenge Facility for Civil Society Round 12. 

H.E Mrs Monica Chakwera, The First Lady of Malawi joined the Kochon Prize ceremony to recognize the remarkable contributions of organizations and individuals in Ukraine. The award recognised the particular efforts of the National TB Program run by the Center of Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Phthisiopulmonology Medical Center of Kherson oblast, and Dr. Zhanna Karpenko, a TB doctor and Medical Director from Chernihiv oblast for their steadfast contributions and commitments.

“Through highlighting the unwavering strength and commitment shown by the TB champions in Ukraine, we are reminded that progress to ending TB cannot wait. Despite the war, the courage shown by the entire health profession in Ukraine serves as an inspiration to us all.” said Dr. Lucica Ditiu, Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership.

The Kochon Prize, supported by the Kochon Foundation, is awarded annually by the Stop TB Partnership to remarkable individuals or organizations in recognition of their contributions to the fight to end TB, providing tireless support and ensuring essential TB care and services are available for people with TB and TB-affected communities. It is the largest award specifically devoted to tuberculosis with a prize amount of US$ 65,000. 


Yana Terleieva, who leads TB work at the Center of Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine commented: "Having adapted to the new reality, The Ukrainian TB Services is ready to take on any challenges. I thank the Kochon Foundation for recognizing our efforts, all Ukrainian doctors, NGOs, volunteers, patients,  are modern day heroes, for exemplifying what is humanity. This award is a symbol of unity and solidarity with us." 

Representing the Kherson TB Center, Director Dr. Vyacheslav Musat said: “Our region of Kherson has a large burden of tuberculosis, but the doctors continued to provide medical care to all patients in the institution, despite the war. We survived because of stability, courage, dedication, professionalism, and humanity. Thanks to the ongoing commitment of our doctors and public centers we continued to provide much needed care.”  

Speaking at the event, Dr. Zhanna Karpenko a TB doctor and Medical Director from Chernihiv Oblast, said: "The Chernihiv region was under occupation from the first day of the war, and many medical facilities in Chernihiv were destroyed, among them was our anti-TB center which provided treatment to hundreds of people. Despite this, our doctors continue to fight for people's lives in the most difficult times and in spite of one's own fear. Thank you very much for this opportunity and for supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians." 

"Despite the many challenges we experience in the world, there are many organizations and individuals that spend immense time and resources to ensure that people receive TB services. Today’s celebration of the three incredible Ukrainian prize winners, is commended, and their efforts are congratulated", concluded H.E. Monica Chakwear, The First Lady of Malawi.  

More information on the Kochon Prize can be found here.

Round 12 of the Challenge Facility for Civil Society

Mrs. Michele Sumilas, Assistant to the USAID Administrator - Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning and Her Excellency Mrs. Anne-Claire Amprou, Global Health Ambassador, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, France joined Dr. Ditiu in also announcing the 114 newly selected grantees under Round 12 of the Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS). 

CFCS is Stop TB Partnership’s flagship program supporting TB-affected community and civil society grassroots organizations to mobilize and advance a movement to end TB. With US$ 13.5 million available in funding, thanks to support from USAID and L’Initiative implemented by Expertise France, Round 12 will be the largest-ever investment dedicated to TB civil society and TB-affected community organizations. CFCS grants work to ensure community engagement, promote and protect human rights, and advance gender equity (CRG in TB) as well as enhancing accountability and generating demand, ambition and political will for increased investments and innovations to end TB. 

“It is our strong belief that supporting civil society, affected communities and local organizations is an essential thread that has to be woven in all our activities. The Global Health Bureau is a champion for TB. While we know that National TB Programs have to be part of the fight, it is the grassroot organizations that are critical partners to ensure people affected by TB are helped... We need to have a TB response that is equitable, transparent, inclusive and ensure that the hardest to reach are met everyday.” said Mrs. Michele Sumilas, Assistant to the USAID Administrator - Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning.

“Challenge Facility isn’t just funding projects or ideas. Challenge Facility is building a movement. A movement we have needed for so long and a movement which gives me real hope that we will end TB.” Rhea Lobo, Stop TB Partnership Board Member, TB-Affected Communities.

"The Stop TB Partnership has great expertise and experience in fighting tuberculosis, and thanks to the Challenge Facility for Civil Society, the Stop TB Partnership provides grants to communities, civil society and grassroots organizations to support technically sound and innovative interventions. France, in line with its global health strategy, has decided to support the Challenge Facility for Civil Society to help reinforce capacities in geographies that are poorly covered, but where the needs are urgent – especially in Western and Central African countries." Said H.E. Mrs. Anne-Claire Amprou, Global Health Ambassador, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, France.

Stop TB Partnership received 406 applications for funding under CFCS Round 12, exceeding US$ 41million in demand. An external evaluation committee reviewed proposals and based on the available funding recommended 114 awards from 38 countries and 6 regions. CFCS Round 12 will integrate a dedicated technical assistance package to strengthen TB survivor networks and their engagement at country, regional and global level. Despite the unprecedented levels of investment, unmet quality demand from TB civil society and TB-affected community organizations remains high at US$12.9 million, which demonstrates the need for ongoing efforts to close the funding gap that currently exists for Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) in TB.

Access the full list of successful grantees here