The Advocacy and Communications team leads the Stop TB Partnership’s work to raise awareness of the TB emergency, promote the activities and impact of our key programs, and advocate to secure commitment from political leaders to step up action against TB.

We coordinate global campaigns such as World TB Day every 24 March, working with our over 2,000 partners to put TB in the world spotlight. We engage celebrities and high-level champions to promote the TB cause and reach new audiences. We conduct high-level advocacy to get TB on the agenda and drive action at the highest political levels. We work with partners at grassroots, country, regional, and global level to support their efforts and ensure alignment and coordination towards ending TB by 2030.

We led the campaign to secure a United Nations High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) on the Fight Against TB in September 2018. The meeting resulted in a Political Declaration endorsed by Heads of State, with an ambitious set of targets to be achieved by 2022, including diagnosing and treating 40 million people with TB. This has set the stage for governments to end TB by 2030 and the next UNHLM on TB expected in September 2023. But we need more champions to hold leaders accountable and ensure they keep their promises.

We are passionate about promoting the TB cause and putting the voices of people affected by TB in the spotlight. Want to learn more or support the fight to end TB? Sign up for our newsletter or send us an email any time.

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