TB Talk with N'yoka Longo Mvula (Joseph)

06 August 2020 - N'Yoka Longo Mvula (Joseph), is a DR Congo soukous singer, dancer, historical member and current leader of the popular soukous band Zaiko Langa Langa. One of Africa's most prolific live band performers, N'Yoka Longo has toured several countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. As a Stop TB Champion, he is part of several TB awareness raising activities in the country.

TB Talk with Richard Mofe-Damijo

29 July 2020- Richard Mofe-Damijo, RMD as he is widely known and fondly referred to is a popular male actor from Nigeria. He has starred in well over 60 movies and TV Series locally and internationally. RMD continues to represent Nigeria in the global scene where he stands as an advocate for societal change, joining various campaigns like the Stop Tuberculosis Campaign as well as carrying out his passionate stand against gender based violence and remains a strong advocate for women and children rights.

TB Talk with Sonia Wibisono and Heny Akhmad

22 July 2020- Sonia Wibisono graduated as a Bachelor of Medicine and in her journey as a practitioner, she realized that helping people to be healthy takes place beyond the clinical practice. She presently focuses on her work as a Health influencer on social media and has also hosted several national TV shows. She joined the Indonesia delegation team to the UN High-Level Meeting on TB and used her reach to share the information with a wider audience in Indonesia through media channels. She continued as a Stop TB Champion to support the cause.

Ms Heny Akhmad Is the Executive irector of the Stop TB Partnership, Indonesia.

TB Talk with Noziya & Safar

09 July 2020 - Noziya Karomatullo, is a famous Tajik, Persian, Hindi pop singer from Tajikistan. joined Stop TB Partnership, Tajikistan as a member of an initiative team “Our Champions: No TB” last year. Today, Noziya helps raise TB awareness by talking about the disease in her TV, radio interviews and speeches and also addresses ending stigma associated with TB.

Safar Naimov is the co-founder of the national multi-stakeholder coalition Stop TB Partnership, Tajikistan, which unites and advocates for people affected by TB, and includes civil society organizations, private sector, celebrities, journalists, and opinion leaders. The partnership ensures proper care and support to families and communities affected by TB and support National TB Program and contribute to ending TB in Tajikistan.

TB Talk with Coach Ibengé

25 June 2020 - TB Champion, Jean-Florent Ikwange Ibengé is a Congolese football coach who currently manages Vita Club. He has been in charge since August 2014 and led the Leopards to three consecutive Africa Cup of Nations tournaments. He became manager of the Democratic Republic of the Congo National team in August 2014, combining this role with his job at Vita Club. He led DR Congo to the 2016 African Nations Championship title in February 2016 and in March 2017, he announced that he intended to step down as national team manager in 2018. He resigned in August 2019. After that, he returned to AS Vita Club.

TB Talk with Sania Saeed

18 June 2020 - Sania is a prominent theatre, film and tv actor and host from Pakistan. She has hosted several talk shows on human rights issues with emphasis on women and child rights and acted in and produced several theatre plays on the same. Her career of over two decades has many memorable characters to her credit. Sania is a founder member of Katha Theatre and currently works with Olomopolo media. She has won numerous awards for her performances.

TB Talk with Mico the Best

11 June 2020 - Musician Nkiko Turastinze Prosper also known as Mico the best is our TB Champion from Rwanda and an afrobeat artist, writer and producer. He helped launch the ‘Friend to Friend’ campaign in the country, through which he targets to do music tours in different parts of the country, as an opportunity to raise awareness about TB.

TB Talk with Rania Ismail

04 June 2020 - Rania Ismail is an actor from Jordan, she has done Experimental theatre for 20 years. She has also produced TV dramas about TB.HIV, parents care, childhood, women’s, Human Rights, life planning, fire prevention, traffic safety. She is a TB ambassador for Stop TB Partnership.

TB Talk with BebeCool

28 May 2020 - Bebe Cool is Uganda’s leading musician and one of Africa’s music legends. He was won over 30 music accolades both local and international. His no stranger to charity and through his registered organization- Amber Heart Foundation, he is implementing one year TB REACH Wave 7 Grant project titled; Integrated Community TB Mobilization, Screening and Diagnosis through involvement of Musicians in Uganda. In 2019, he was appointed Uganda’s Tuberculosis Ambassador by the Ministry of Health in Uganda.He is among the few selected music Ambassadors for ‘We are One Africa’ in the fight against COVID 19.

TB Talk with Scherezade Shroff

21 May 2020 - Scherezade Shroff is a fashion, beauty, travel & lifestyle content creator. With over 3,00,000 subscribers & over 50 million views, she has one of the loudest voices on the Indian YouTube Scene. Before she started blogging, she was a model for over a decade and was part of many prominent campaigns. A TB survivor herself, she has not shied away from speaking about her experience with TB. As a Stop TB champion she has participated in several awareness raising campaigns.

TB Talk with Gerry Elsdon

14 May 2020 - Gerry Elsdon is an international humanitarian, activist, and outspoken voice on social issues in Africa. She is actively working with organisations both at home and overseas to change the plight of our children, people living with tuberculosis and health and wellness.

A TB survivor herself, Gerry completed a grueling two-week walking campaign across South Africa to raise awareness about TB and encourage people to get tested for the disease. She walked for up to 10 hours a day, reaching an estimated 3 million South Africans from all walks of life.