Community of People Affected by TB Constituency Delegation to the Stop TB Partnership Board

Names Organization Country of Work
Carol Nawina (Board Member) CITAM+ Zambia
Peter Ng’ola (Board Member) Wote Youth Development Projects Kenya
Olya Klymenko (Board Member) TBpeople Ukraine Ukraine
Thokozile Nkhoma  Facilitators of Community Transformation Malawi
Abdulai Sesay CISMAT Sierra Leone
Albert Makone Shiloah Zimbabwe
Endalkachew Fekadu Volunteer Health Services Ethiopia
Fabrice Kotoko L'Association des Anciens Patients Tuberculeux du Bénin Benin
Kate O’Brien We are TB United States
Ksenia Shchenina TBpeople Russian Federation
Maurine Murenga Lean on Me Foundation Kenya
Maxime Lunga Club des Amis Damien DRC
Meirinda Sebayang Jaringan Indonesia Positif Indonesia
Rhea Lobo  Bolo Didi India

Carol Nawina

Carol Nawina uses her personal experience of living with HIV and surviving TB to advocate for policy change at national, regional and international levels. At national level, Carol is the Chairperson of the Zambia TB (CS) Organizations Coalition (ZTOC). At regional level, she is a founder member and past president Africa Coalition on TB. At global level, she is a current member of the UNITAID Communities Delegation and The Union Community Advisory Panel (UCAP).


Peter Ngola Owiti

Peter Ngola Owiti is the director of Wote Youth Development Projects, a youth TB/HIV advocacy organization in Makueni, Kenya. Peter is passionate about advocacy on access to life saving TB drugs and human rights globally. He currently serves as a member of Coordinating committee for Scientific Activities and Union Community advisory Panel (UCAP). He is a core group member of TB Proof, an occupational health care workers organization that fights TB stigma.


Olga Klymenko

Olga Klymenko became a passionate TB activist after having TB in 2015. Her book "My inner world. Confessions of a TB patient" was on sale in Ukraine and helped people with a TB and their families. Since 2018, with the support of the Global Fund and the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV, Olga has been leading TBpeople Ukraine, the national network of people affected by TB.


Abdulai Abubakarr Sesay

Abdulai Abubakarr Sesay became a global TB and health activist after contacting TB in 2008. After being cured, Abdulai founded the Civil Society Movement Against Tuberculosis Sierra Leone (CISMAT-SL), a network that is advocating for the rights of thousands of TB and TB/HIV patients. Currently, Abdulai is a member of the Communities Delegation to the Global Fund Board, CRG Advisory Group, Africa Coalition for TB and TBpeople.


Albert Makone

Albert Makone is a global health advocate based in Zimbabwe. His areas of work include access to treatment for TB and HIV patients and equity in human development. He has international and country-level experience, advocating for community participation in health. Albert served as a Community Representative in the New TB Drugs Working Group of the Stop TB Partnership.


Endalkachew Fekadu

Endalkachew Fekadu is a pharmacist, DR TB survivor, activist, journalist, author, graphics designer, and a founder of Ethiopian Drug Information Network and Volunteer Health Services NGOs/VHS in with more than 15,000 members.


Fabrice Mahugnon Kotoko

Fabrice Mahugnon Kotoko is a TB survivor from the Republic of Benin. Fabrice is an active advocate of TB affected community: he is the President of the Association of Former TB Patients of Benin (ASSAP-TB / BENIN) and a community representative at the CCM of Benin.


Kate O’Brien

Kate O’Brien is a TB advocate from the USA, with a background in TV production and marketing. Kate is committed to increasing the resources, funding and focus that TB receives in the USA and around the world. Kate currently works for the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association in the US, providing community engagement & support through We Are TB, a USA TB survivor advocacy organization. Kate is also a member of TBPEOPLE, the global network of people affected by TB.


Ksenia Shchenina

Ksenia Shchenina is a TB survivor, activist and feminist from Russia. Since 2011, after she completed the treatment, Ksenia has been protecting the rights of people affected by tuberculosis. In 2016, she was one of the cofounders of the TBPEOPLE network. She coauthored TB and You, a book written by TB patients for TB patients. Ksenia believes that TB must be smashed in the root.


Maurine Murenga

Maurine Murenga is a passionate advocate for the health, development and human rights of women and girls living with HIV and affected by TB from Kenya. Driven by her lived experience, Maurine founded the Lean on Me Foundation. Maurine currently serves as the Board Member of the Communities Delegation on the Board of the Global Fund, represents communities on the TB Stakeholders Association of TB Alliance and chairs the Steering Committee of Women 4 Global Fund.


Maxime Lunga

Maxime Lunga is a TB survivor from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He is a TB and community, rights and gender (CRG) expert and an experienced TB community advocate active at the national, regional and global levels.


Meirinda Sebayang

Meirinda Sebayang is a TB-HIV advocate from Indonesia. She currently chairs the Positive Indonesia Network, a national network of PLHIV in Indonesia. She is also a member of TB Indonesia Forum and a member of Indonesia CCM.


Thokozile Phiri-Nkhoma

Thokozile Phiri-Nkhoma is a current Board member of the Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board representing affected community constituency. Thokozile is a TB-HIV activist from Malawi, working for an organization called FACT. She joined the Stop TB Partnership as a community representative on the new Diagnostics Working Group in 2010. She is also part of a number of regional and global organizations working on TB and public health.


Rhea Lobo

Rhea Lobo is an international award-winning filmmaker, journalist and an extra-pulmonary TB survivor. She is a strong TB advocate and is the co-founder of Bolo Didi (Say Sister), an informal network of women TB survivors in India. Her film on TB, End the Taboo - End TB, is the official selection of International Social Change Film Festival 2019 in the US, the 60 Second International Film Festival 2019 and has been screened on India's national television news channel, NDTV.