Tanzania Public Health Initiative, Tanzania

Final Report  

The Tanzania Public Health Initiative (TPHI) engaged in a CFCS funded project to help build the capacity of TB-affected communities, civil society organizations, and TB patients. Through TPHI-led workshops on advocacy, communications, and social mobilization, individuals and organizations gained the skills necessary to return to their communities and engage them in the fight against TB. Community-run TB clubs provide patients with a platform to share their lived experiences and increase local capacity to respond to the needs of those living with TB. By working through traditional leaders within the communities, key messages focusing on TB control and prevention were shared with families. Participating community groups also provided education to families caring for TB patients to reduce stigma and discrimination and promote treatment adherence. TB education helped promote a positive relationship between traditional healers and health facilities in order to help patients receive the treatment they need.


Integrated Development in Focus (DIF), Ghana

DIF is a capacity building social development agency involved primarily in poverty reduction, preventive health education, reproductive health, and the development of networks to empower poor vulnerable women, youth and children. The organization assists communities to work effectively with established traditional community processes of collective problem solving. While implementing the CFCS grant, NGO staff did not give trainings themselves, the trainings were conducted by staff from the municipality. Afterwards, the community demanded more efforts and education on TB from the trained volunteers. DIF won the TB Survival Prize 2009 for its innovative and empowering campaigns in uplifting communities affected by TB and MDR-TB. Nominations for the award were judged by a jury and chaired by Nobel Laureate Betty Williams.