The Stop TB Partnership facilitates and builds capacity of country networks of people affected by TB and provides key resources and tools to make it easy for anyone to connect with the following regional and global organizations:


TBpeople, a network of people with vast experience of TB, was launched in Bratislava, Slovakia in June 2016 as the Eastern Europe and Central Asia regional network and extended globally by 2019.

Global Coalition of TB Activists (GCTA) 

GCTA developed from a community task force into a global platform that bridges the gap between civil society organizations and other stakeholders. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the communities affected by TB are at the center of all advocacy efforts.

ACT Asia-Pacific!

ACT Asia-Pacific! is the first network of TB activists in the Asia-Pacific region, established in November 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. The coalition is important in a region that includes 10 of the high-burden countries for multidrug-resistant TB. 

  • TB Europe Coalition (TBEC)
  • TBEC was established in 2009 in response to two major concerns: the spread of resistant forms of TB in several European countries and the fact that about a quarter of the global burden is concentrated in the region.

ACT (Alliance to Control Tuberculosis)

ACT is a Philippines-based alliance of respiratory physicians and other medical professionals who are engaged in an effort to integrate resources from all sectors to promote pulmonary programs.