The Stop TB Partnership provides various types of technical support to national TB programs and other partners and stakeholders at the national, regional, and global levels, with the aim of fulfilling the UN High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) commitments to end TB and reaching global and country-specific targets.

Capacity building and technical assistance in priority TB areas is delivered by Regional Advisors and CRG Program Officers of the Country and Community Support for Impact (CCS4i) team, the Technical Assistance and Capacity Building team, and Regional Technical Advisors of the Global Drug Facility, as well as by means of short-term technical assistance modalities engaging consultants from four Stop TB rosters of experts.

The Stop TB Partnership invests significant effort to collaborate with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the largest international donor in the field of TB and to support national TB programs and partners to ensure maximum impact and efficiency of investments to fight TB and to bring the voice of TB communities to the fore of the process.

The Stop TB Partnership provides technical support to countries in the development of quality funding requests, facilitation of participatory country dialogues with the engagement of civil society and TB-affected communities, and development of robust national TB strategic plans. Stop TB closely interacts with the Global Fund’s team of Disease Advisors on Tuberculosis, Regional Managers and Country Teams to support effective implementation through targeted technical assistance for strengthening TB diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, and developing proposals for portfolio optimization and reprogramming wherever required.

The Stop TB Partnership effectively contributes to the work of the Global Fund’s Board, Strategy Committee, Partnership Forums, Grant Approvals Committee, Technical Review Panel and Joint Working Group. As a key and active member of the ‘TB Situation Room’, along with the Global Fund, USAID and WHO, Stop TB works to improve access to funding and quality implementation of country grants and Strategic Initiatives, scale up innovations and best practices, and promote successful partnerships in the field of TB.

Continuous coordination with USAID is ensured through regular meetings and communications with its TB Team and missions to countries, technical assistance planning, and joint work in various projects and initiatives supporting the USAID Global TB Accelerator. Collaboration with WHO includes participation in Joint Monitoring Missions and TB Program Reviews, technical support to countries through the regional Green Light Committees, and other activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised new challenges for TB. The Stop TB Partnership is actively engaged in supporting countries to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on TB services through remote technical assistance and capacity building, impact modelling and guidance development, and facilitation of Global Fund support to countries through the COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM).