What is community-led monitoring?

Putting people at the heart of the TB response is critical to ending TB. Every year millions of people affected by TB are missed by health systems because of barriers to health services, human rights violations, TB stigma and barriers to support services.

Global data on tuberculosis (TB) often masks these realities and local disparities. Community-led monitoring (CLM) can supplement national TB data by collecting information on these challenges that would otherwise be excluded, producing shadow reports that hold governments accountable, and building evidence to inform civil society and community advocacy for improved care and services.1

Driven by local needs and values, people affected by TB can exercise their right to participation, health, non-discrimination, confidentiality, and dignity through CLM. By monitoring, reporting, and generating information on their experiences and challenges with TB, people affected by TB feed back to the TB care and support services and respective authorities who are responsible for protecting and promoting their rights.

What are community-led monitoring tools?

Communities need tools to implement CLM. The tools allow affected communities to report challenges and to analyze trends in barriers to TB care and support services, human rights violations and TB stigma for advocacy and action. Tools include, observatories, score cards, digital solutions among other innovations.

Our Work

OneImpact is the Stop TB Partnership's community-led monitoring digital platform

In 2016 STP developed OneImpact, a CLM digital platform, in partnership with affected TB communities and Dure Technologies. OneImpact is a TB community engagement platform designed to enhance community-led monitoring and to facilitate dialogue and collective action between affected TB communities, civil society, national TB programs and health, legal and social welfare systems for a people centered and rights-based and gender transformative approach to TB.

To support implementation STP also developed a OneImpact CLM framework and implementation tools.

With the support of the Global Fund Strategic Initiative to the find the Missing People with TB, with co-financing from USAID, high burden TB countries tested the platform and are now expanding upon or scaling up the OneImpact CLM intervention.

The OneImpact digital platform is made up of 3 tools that work together to provide a comprehensive community led monitoring solution:

  • an app for people affected by TB - the app provides people affected by TB with information on TB, their rights, and TB care and support services, with spaces to connect virtually and opportunities to report challenges they face.
  • a first responder dashboard - the dashboard allows first responders to track and coordinate local responses to the challenges reported.
  • an accountability dashboard - a platform for community advocates and other stakeholders, including National TB Programs to monitor CLM indicators for advocacy, action and change.


1Community-led Monitoring and Research https://itpcglobal.org/our-work/community-led-monitoring-research/