Date & Duration: 20 July 2022, 1.5h

Presenter and affiliation: Kinz Ul Eman, Director Programmes Dopasi Foundation 

Project details: This webinar aims to share the experiences of Dopasi Foundation in Pakistan in implementing Ultra Portable X-Ray and CAD/AI, as well as lessons learned during implementation. TB REACH was created to test innovative solutions to improve TB case detection and care delivery. 

What to expect from the webinar: 

Webinar 5 will focus on the activities and implementation in Pakistan by Dopasi Foundation as part of TB REACH Wave 6 grant.

It covers: 

  • Screening Algorithm involving CAD AI and X-ray
  • Customs clearance & local radiation authority approval 
  • Digital X-ray image quality
  • Product cost
  • Experience with the selected X-ray and CAD AI vendor
  • Threshold score setting
  • Linkage to confirmation test and treatment
  • X-ray CAD AI data storage and backup
  • Interoperability with other health information system
  • Data privacy and security measures
  • Quality control
  • Success Stories
  • Scaling up
  • Challenges
  • Other lessons learned


FG-AITB Webinar 5 - Pakistan Experience Slides
Dopasi Presentation
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FG-AITB Webinar 5 - Pakistan Experience Webinar Video
Webinar Recording
FG-AITB Webinar 5 - Pakistan Experience Q/A
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Fujifilm Xair Scatter Radiation by Fujifilm (Dosimeter reports)
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