The Task Force for Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Research has been renamed the GDI Triage Task Force since November 2016 in light of the urgent need to assist countries, and collect information and create a body of evidence supporting the introduction and scale-up of the implementation of the Shorter Treatment Regimen (STR) for M-/XDR-TB and the utilization of second-line LPA, in the framework of the Patient Triage Approach.

Full Report

Attachment 1 - Meeting notes, GDI TTF Liverpool 29 Oct,
Attachment 2 Meeting notes, GDI TTF TC 18 Nov 2016,
Attachment 3 - ND_R_Kyrgyzstan_DR_TB_STAT_Febr_2017

Report of the GDI Triage Task Force June 2017

Report of the GDI Triage Task Force 2018