The Human Spirit Project is a collection of individual stories showing people in their fight against tuberculosis, including drug resistant TB. The goal of showing these individual battles is to highlight that the TB epidemic is not a distant, abstract epidemic comprised of data, but rather a very real collection of individuals.

The Human Spirit Project is borne from the notion that the TB epidemic is not a single, harmonized epidemic, but rather a collection of individuals fighting against the disease every day. This frame of reference allows us to see the heterogeneity of the epidemic: that each individual's battle is different, and that all must work together to overcome the disease.

This is a slight but important distinction. It indicates that our best chance in overcoming the TB epidemic is sustaining the small, individual battles just as much as the grand, overarching plans to eradicate this disease. It also indicates that our data represent people - and fluctuations in our data reflect the number of individual battles won or lost.

There will not be one grand, sweeping gesture that overcomes the TB epidemic. It will take hard work and sustained determination. Policies and practices geared towards ameliorating the burden on patients, clinic managers, physicians, and researchers facilitate the number of individual battles won, which, when combined show progress in the global epidemic.

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