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The problem: Every year hundreds of thousands of children will become ill with TB and tens of thousands will die. Often TB goes undetected in children. Infants and young children are at special risk of having severe, often fatal forms of TB, such as TB meningitis, which can leave them blind, deaf, paralysed or mentally disabled.

What we do: TB can be cured with treatment that costs US$ 0.50 a day. Through our TB REACH initiative we support projects that use innovative and effective techniques to find children and adults with TB fast, avert deaths and stop TB from spreading.


Our aim is zero TB deaths in children. Your donation will support TB REACH projects dedicated to saving children's lives.

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What your donation could buy today

In Karachi, Pakistan , community health workers are using electronic scorecards on mobile phones to identify people that need a TB test. People who have TB are given treatment immediately at the local hospital. So far the health workers have identified six times more cases of childhood TB than in previous years.

In the remote villages of Lesotho, health workers on horseback are reaching out to communities which previously had little or no access to healthcare. The horse riders pick up samples from villagers and take them to laboratories for anyalsis. The test results are reported via text messages and people with TB are provided with life-saving drugs. 


In Mbeya, Tanzania, a mobile laboratory is bringing a revolutionary diagnostic tool which analyzes people's DNA to villages in rural areas. The van serves as a test centre during the day and a mobile cinema with educational films at night. In its first year the project aims to find 1350 adults and children who otherwise would never get TB treatment.



Every year, almost 3 million people fail to get an accurate diagnosis or effective treatment for TB. They continue to infect other members of their family and community and many of them die from this curable disease.

The projects above show just a few of the many ways in which the Stop TB Partnership is bringing TB care to this lost 3 million. In its first year, TB REACH committed $18.4 million to 30 projects in 19 countries aiming to find and treat more than 140 000 people with TB, preventing 1 400 000 new infections.


Where your money goes

75% of all donations go directly to TB REACH projects which are working on the ground to find and treat people with TB. 25% of donations go towards running the TB REACH initiative.

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