Market Shaping

To ensure a sustainably priced and reliable supply of TB medicines and diagnostics, GDF takes an active role in shaping the supply markets for TB products, encouraging new suppliers to enter the market and promoting innovation. GDF works closely with suppliers, donors and other stakeholders to increase demand and reduce risks for suppliers. GDF’s Strategic Rotating Stockpile, for example, aggregates demand to take advantage of economies of scale, improve visibility and encourage supplier engagement. Market shaping also means reducing transaction costs wherever possible to help keep TB products affordable.

Policy Development

GDF identifies the opportunities and challenges related to the uptake of TB products at the global level; it collaborates closely with stakeholders including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to ensure that these opportunities and challenges are taken into account in global treatment guidelines and policies. In addition, GDF works with stakeholders to develop action plans to address barriers and mitigate risks.

Partner Coordination

As the largest global procurer of TB medicines and diagnostics, GDF is well positioned to lead partners, including countries, donors, technical agencies and other procurers, in addressing market challenges. To coordinate these efforts, GDF spearheaded the creation of the TB Procurement and Market-Shaping Action Team (TPMAT).