In April 2021, the Stop TB Partnership initiated the process to develop the next Global Plan to End TB 2023 to 2030, explicitly identifying the resources needed to end the TB epidemic globally. This Global Plan will be developed through a year-long process of extensive and inclusive consultations with all stakeholders. It is planned to be published around mid 2022.

Global Plan Task Force

The work on the development of the new Global Plan will be guided by a Task Force with diverse expertise.

The Task Force members are:

Paula Fujiwara, Moderator

1. Countries affected by TB

  • Raghuram Rao
  • Ivan Manhiça
  • Anna Marie Celina Garfin
  • Sharofiddin Yuldashev

2. Multilateral Organizations

  • Farai Mavhunga
  • Nobuyuki Nishikiori
  • Eliud Wandwalo
  • Alternate: Jamhoih Tonsing

3. New Tools Working Group and Researchers:

  • David Lewinsohn
  • Alternate: Jennifer Woolley
  • Mark Dybul
  • Nim Arinaminpathy
  • Glenda Gray

4. Communities affected by TB / TB Survivors:

  • Carol Nawina
  • Alternate: Bertrand Kampoer
  • Choub Sok Chamreun
  • Alternate: Rhea Lobo
  • Olya Klymenko
  • Alternate: Timur Abdullaev

5. Donors:

  • Sevim Ahmedov

6. Private Sector:

  • Philipp Jacon
  • Luan Vo Nguyen Quang

7. Health Economist:

  • Anna Vassall
  • Bjorn Lomborg
Result of first online public consultation on Global Plan
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Draft structure of the Global Plan as of 20 July 2021
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