A significant increase in resources for both current interventions and new tools is needed in order to reach the 90-(90)-90 targets. If these funds are mobilized, the benefits will be spectacular – both in human and economic terms.




What is the investment needed?


  • US$ 65 billion globally
  • Of this, most is for implementation in countries
  • Of this, US$ 29.4 billion needed in Global Fund eligible countries.
  • Of this, US$ 9 billion needed to fund R&D for new tools - including diagnosis, drugs, drug regimens and vaccines.
What will the world achieve by investing in the Global Plan?
  • 45 million people prevented from getting TB
  • 29 million people treated
  • 10 million lives saved
  • US$ 1.2 trillion overall economic return on investment
  • US$ 85 return on each dollar invested