The Stop TB Partnership Secretariat work is guided by the PDF icon Operational Strategy 2016-2020. This second such document since 2012 reinforces the Stop TB Partnership’s leading role in convening the TB community towards reaching targets set forth in the PDF icon Global Plan to End TB 2016-2020: The Paradigm Shift ("The Global Plan").

To achieve the set goals, the Stop TB Partnership operates on three strategic and one operational goals.

Ending TB will be possible only by increased political engagement of world leaders and key influencers. To achieve political and financial commitment to change we are working to:

  • Ensure, together with our partners, the organization of a productive and impactful UN High-Level Meeting on TB.
  • Heighten awareness of the social and economic devastation caused by TB and mobilize decision makers for a coordinated global response.
  • Secure global commitment to a substantial increase of financial resources needed for the fight against TB.


Advocacy & Communications                            


To save lives, we need to accelerate the delivery of most efficient, effective and innovative tools to those with the greatest needs and:

  • Promote innovation in TB service delivery and new tools through our initiatives.
  • Generate evidence-based practice and knowledge sharing around the implementation of innovative approaches in TB care delivery and the roll-out of new tools.
  • Develop state of the art business intelligence and data driven approaches through early adoption of innovative technology.
  • Mobilize domestic and/or external funding to support the adoption and scale-up of innovations.



Strategic Initiatives & Innovative Financing


TB is curable. We work every day to mobilize both public and private sector stakeholders to ensure universal and equitable access to TB medicines, diagnostics and:

  • Manage and coordinate market activities across all stakeholders for the full portfolio of TB medicines, regimens, and diagnostics.
  • Undertake strategic procurement and executive innovative logistics solutions for TB medicines and diagnostics
  • Accelerate the uptake of new medicines, regimens, and diagnostics.


Global Drug Facility


We cannot end TB alone and that we need to:

  • Inspire sustainable collaboration among people and partners, and facilitate meaningful and sustainable collaboration to maximize impact.
  • Work every day towards a strong and unified community.
  • Empower all people affected by TB to act and transform their lives.


People & Affected Communities