Support and collaboration 

The Stop TB Partnership provides technical support to ensure that resources and partner collaboration can be mobilized to respond to TB crises. We also provide expertise to help integrate new and current TB approaches, products, and technologies into local and national TB programs and health service systems. 


The Stop TB Partnership strongly supports the development of new approaches and technologies that accelerate innovation and modernize care for the millions of people with TB worldwide. 

We fund and monitor groundbreaking initiatives that aim to find more people with TB faster, and we engage with innovators, start-ups, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop areas of digital health solutions and telecare. We also support the development and rollout of quality-assured medicines, diagnostics, and products to get TB care to all who need it. 

Our approaches are creative, but they are also grounded in rigorous, results-based external monitoring and evaluation frameworks, focused on continuous learning and improvement.

Voice and advocacy

The fight against TB cannot be won without first listening to and supporting the people and communities affected by the disease. We must amplify their voices as widely as possible and at the highest level of political decision-making. Only this will bring about the public, political, and financial action to end TB.

The Stop TB Partnership fosters a people-centered approach to the TB response and supports partners in their individual and collective voice to fight TB.