Who can be nominated for the Kochon Prize 2022?

Eligible countries  

People, programmes, organisations (as below) working in areas where there is armed conflict; namely international armed conflicts, opposing two or more States, and non-internal armed conflicts, between governmental forces and non-governmental groups, or between such groups only.  Today according to the Geneva Academy of International Law and Human Rights there are over 110 armed conflicts. Please see here for a list of the armed conflicts per region.

Nominees may include:

  1. Civil Society Organizations
  2. Local groups of volunteers
  3. National TB Programmes or members of National TB Programmes
  4. Health care services including private networks
  5. Health care professionals
  6. Community health workers
  7. TB-affected community organizations
  8. Networks/ individuals -Activists  and TB Survivors

What is the Nomination Period?

The period for nominations begins on 22 October 2022. The online nomination process must be completed no later than 18 November 2022 at 6:00PM Central European Time (CET).

What is the Nomination Process?

The nomination process is an online process. 

What are the Nominations Requirements?

  1. Completed nomination form; and
  2. Letter of support from the nominator. The letter can also be from (endorsed by) multiple people.

How can I access the Nomination Portal?

Click here to begin or complete the nomination process.