Civil Society Meeting for Accelerating Advocacy on TB/HIV in the Region of the Americas

6 July 2011 | Panama City, Panama

On 6th July WHO, in collaboration with the Global TB/HIV Working Group of the Stop TB Partnership, regional members of civil society, Treatment Action Group and UNAIDS, convened a meeting aimed at empowering civil society from 15 Latin American and Caribbean countries to advocate for increased access to collaborative TB/HIV services in the region of the Americas.

The meeting aimed to facilitate regional networking opportunities among participants and translate their experiences and concerns about TB/HIV into needs-based advocacy recommendations, as well as to help identify key TB/HIV messages to advocate for during the two day meeting "Scaling-up the implementation of collaborative TB/HIV activities in the Region of the Americas" held subsequently between 7-8 July. For further details, please click on the links below:

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Accelerating Advocacy on TB/HIV in the WHO European Region

15 July 2010 | Vienna, Austria

The one-day workshop prepared HIV and drug use civil society activists for active participation at the European Regional meeting on 16th-17th and to further advocate for increased access to collaborative TB/HIV services, particularly for people who use drugs in their own countries and throughout the region. The objectives of the workshop were to familiarize participants with the key facts about TB and TB/HIV, the relationship between TB and drug use, approaches to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of TB for people living with HIV and in people who use drugs. This was the third workshop of its kind and built on the experience of the previous two workshops held in Bangkok in November 2009 and in Liverpool in June 2010.

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Workshop to build the capacity of civil society for people who use drugs

10-11 June, 2010 | Liverpool, UK

The two day advocacy workshop familiarized participants with the integrated TB/HIV and harm reduction policy guide to address the problem of HIV associated TB among drug users, and how to catalyze implementation in countries with drug use problems which is critical to the health of drug users and contributes towards universal access of TB and HIV services for people living with HIV. The workshop held in Liverpool, UK from June 10-11, 2010 was highly interactive and participants developed a better understanding of the concerns and needs of the community of people who use drugs around TB and HIV and how best to respond to these needs. It also gave those attending an opportunity to network with each other and build momentum to catalyze implementation of a fully integrated approach based on the needs of people who use drugs in their countries and regions. The next steps are to develop strategies to enhance community mobilization for implementation of collaborative TB/HIV and drug user services and demand generation for the services.

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