Chairpersons: Daniela Cirillo, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, and Bill Rodriguez, FIND

Welcome and introduction
Daniela Cirillo

Part I - Use of next generation sequencing for detection of anti-microbial resistance

Scaling up sequencing in order to determine sequence diversity worldwide and for the identification of genetic variants that confer resistance to all old and new anti-mycobacterial drugs
Derrick Crook, University of Oxford

The ReSeqTB initiative and recent progress in the development of the data sharing platform
Angela Starks, CDC

User-friendly platforms for large data analysis
Stefan Niemann, Borstel Research Center

Session I audio

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Part II - New TB drug regimens and new priorities for DST

DST for Delamanid and quality control
Daniela Cirillo

Laboratory-based DST for Bedaquiline and introduction in countries
Leen Rigouts, Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine

Genetic diversity within MTB for the development of new DST
Claudio Köser, University of Cambridge

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Part III - Biomarker research and development of tests for progression of latent TB to active disease

Diagnostic markers for accurate prediction of activation of latent tuberculosis: Progress and needs
Mark Hatherill, University of Cape Town

Target Product Profile for a test for progression of latent tuberculosis infection
Claudia Denkinger, FIND

New predictive tests for the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection: How should they be evaluated and what evidence is needed for WHO endorsement
Frank Cobelens, KNCV and AIGHD

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