If your organization is willing to initiate a national platform, you might want to consider following the suggested partnering process. This partnering process is a dynamic process based on three continuously evolving components: partnership exploration, building and maintenance. The Stop TB Partnership Secretariat can provide technical support about the partnering process based on good practices and lessons learned reported by countries. For partnering process good practices and lessons learnt, please see: Partnering Process Handbook: Good Practices.

Before starting with the partnering process, initial partners should make sure that the following prerequisites are clearly established:

  • Initial partners are committed to work in close coordination with the national TB programme and the national TB programme is willing to be involved in a partnering process.
  • The objectives of the national TB plan provide the basis to establish collaboration with various partners.
  • Pre-existing forms of collaboration/coordination are identified, and if existing, contacted and involved (Interagency Coordination Committee, Country Coordinating Mechanism, National TBTEAM).