NDWG priority addressed

Support the goal of disease elimination by addressing the reservoir of TB infection and efficiently introduce targeted preventive therapy.

Required tests: Tests for better detection of tuberculosis infection (TBI) and for predicting the risk of progression from latent infection to active TB disease (Tests of progression of TBI).


Reactivation of TBI is the source of the vast majority of new TB cases in low transmission areas. As global TB incidence declines, preventing progression from TBI to active TB will become more and more crucial for TB elimination. Treatment of individuals with TBI requires a diagnostic test to identify the small proportion of latently infected persons who will progress to active disease.

Goal and Objectives

The Task Force activities will support the following:

  • Strengthen knowledge of target populations for testing and treatment of infection.
  • Improve tools for detecting TB infection and testing for risk of progression to active disease.


Dr. Alberto Matteelli, University of Brescia, Italy

Task Force members

  • Gavin Churchyard, Aurum Institute, South Africa
  • Daniela Cirillo, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Italy (NDWG Co-Chair)
  • Frank Cobelens, AIGHD and KNCV, The Netherlands
  • Christopher Gilpin, WHO Global TB Programme
  • Delia Goletti, National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Italy
  • Amita Gupta, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, United States
  • Sandra Kik, Independant Consultant, The Netherlands
  • Dick Menzies, McGill, Canada
  • Lele Rangaka, University College London, UK
  • Samuel Schumacher, FIND, Switzerland

Work plan highlights and key deliverables

Are mRNA based transcriptomic signatures ready for diagnosing TB in the clinic
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A scoping review on the risk of TB in specific population groups
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