Pediatric First-Line Medicines

Fixed-dose combination (FDC) child-friendly formulations for drug-sensitive TB for both the intensive and continuation phases of treatment are accessible through GDF.

These FDCs are aligned with most recent WHO Recommendations on dosing of rifampicin, isoniazid and pyrazinamide in children. They are dissolvable in water and have a fruit flavor.

GDF also provides ethambutol 100mg dispersible tablets. These dispersible tablets can be used in combination with the FDCs when indicated according to WHO Recommendations. 

For questions related to ordering child-friendly formulations, please contact GDF at


Pediatric Second-Line Medicines

The Stop TB’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) set up the Pediatric Drug-Resistant TB initiative aiming to ensure access to the best possible treatments to children suffering from one of the deadliest diseases that exist.

For decades, there were no child-friendly medicines to treat drug-resistant TB, so clinicians had to treat them with drugs created for adults, crushing, mixing and manipulating the adult tablets to get the right dose.

But that has changed, there are now child-friendly medicines to treat drug-resistant TB in children. These  are dispersible and flavored which will make it easier for caregivers to give to children.


For questions related to ordering these child-friendly formulations, please contact GDF at