Animated cartoon featuring Luís Figo launched at charity football match

13 June 2009 -- Geneva -- Luís Figo sprinted across the field and sent the ball soaring into the goal post. It was a move hardly typical for a winger, but this was no ordinary game. This was All Stars '09, a charity match to raise funds for children's causes.

At half-time Figo ran with the ball again -- this time as the main character of an animated cartoon, which premiered here this evening for an audience of nearly 12 000 spectators and satellite television viewers in 80 countries.

The film is the animated version of a comic book, Luis Figo and the World Tuberculosis Cup, produced last year by the Stop TB Partnership. In the film, as in the comic book, Figo is featured as the captain of a team of teen-aged girls and boys. Together they win a match against a squad of tuberculosis germs.