Do We Have the Most Updated Country Policies to End TB?

1 November, Geneva, Switzerland – The Stop TB Partnership today has launched its 10th edition of the Step Up for TB (SUFT) survey report that summarizes the present policy landscape of 20 high-burden countries (HBC) for tuberculosis (TB). 

Through country and region factsheets, dynamically generated trend lines, and an interactive map, the SUFT 2023 survey presents a comprehensive spectrum of 35 policy indicators on diagnostics, treatment and care, and prevention, thus offering a clearer perspective allowing users to track country and regional indicators over specific timeframes.
The survey results highlight that all 20 HBC for TB demonstrated a 100% uptake for TB infection treatment policies. In addition to this, the uptake of WHO diagnostic guidelines on drug-susceptible (DS)-TB, drug-resistant (DR) TB and TB infection diagnostic policies has remained around 73%.

However, the report also indicates that the average uptake of Childhood TB treatment policies was at an abysmal low of 10%. The overall average achievement against the UNHLM prevention therapy target was 17% for the countries that were surveyed countries, excluding TB prophylaxis treatment for people living with HIV.
You can access the full results of the survey on the SUFT website. The SUFT survey is an essential tool for policymakers as it underscores the value of regular policy tracking in the global TB response. In the post-COVID era and at a time when numerous new tools, innovations, and guidelines are available, having up-to-date TB policies based on the latest scientific developments is essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target of ending TB.

SUFT at The Union Conference 2023

We are pleased to announce that the Stop TB Partnership will be hosting a satellite session titled "How up to date are TB policies in high burden countries: perspectives and lessons from the SUFT project at the Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023 on 17 November from 07:15 to 08:15 AM CET in room 242A of Palais des Congres de Paris.
SUFT Project 2024

The Stop TB Partnership is commencing the 2024 survey cycle, which will be officially launched at the upcoming UNION conference on 17 November 2023. It is expected that the 2024 survey will feature a revamped questionnaire, featuring new sections and questions.
If you would like to know more about the SUFT survey or like to be part of the side session at the Union World Conference, please write to us at:

*20 SUFT surveyed countries: Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe