Francophone Africa countries meet in Dakar - Senegal

01 September 2014 - The Global Coalition of TB Activists (GCTA), in collaboration with the Stop TB Partnership and the African Council of Aids Services Organization (AfriCASO) conducted a Training workshop in Dakar - Senegal from 27 - 29 August. The training was intended for civil society representative working on TB and TB/HIV issues across Francophone Africa countries on inclusion of key affected populations in Global Fund’s New Funding Model (NFM) processes.

"The challenge is at country level including relevant expertise to support countries with domestic expertise to have robust and ambitious national strategic plans, joint planning for TB/HIV and a comprehensive Concept Note to address the needs for the most vulnerable" said Innocent Laison, AfriCASO Executive Director.

The workshop brought together 25 leading activists from 14 countries in Francophone Africa including Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, DRC, Gabon , Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo and Tunisia. Over three days, participants discussed integration of community systems strengthening, human rights, gender and the involvement of key affected populations in tuberculosis control and the Global Fund’s new funding model. Participants also shared their experiences on community engagement in TB control including lessons learnt, challenges and solutions as well as experience in country dialogue process.

"I realize that a lot has been done in Francophone Africa but because of language barriers it’s difficult for them to participate in the global agenda and be aware of all the related opportunities. GCTA is committed to improving this by making available in the coming week all his information both in English and French" said Mayowa Joel, Vice Chair of the Global Coalition of TB Advocates.

As a next step, technical assistance available at the Stop TB Partnership was introduced to participants. Technical assistance activities aim to support TB communities to do in-country work in preparation for country dialogues and concept note development See more here. "Community, rights and gender is not only a Global Fund requirement; it’s the best option to diagnose, treat and cure all the missing patients. The technical assistance provided by the Stop TB Partnership will facilitate our common dream: A World free from Tuberculosis" said Bertrand Kampoer, Executive Director, FOR IMPACTS IN SOCIAL Health (FIS).