Global Drug Facility Technical Assistance update November

Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) assistance has allowed the Somali National TB Program (NTP) to organize a workshop on the roll-out of the new pediatric formulations, in collaboration with the WHO Somali country office. The workshop will be held in Kampala, Uganda in December and will be accommodated by trainers from the USAID-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH).

The request for GDF assistance, came following a GDF technical assistance mission to Somali in August 2016, aimed at supporting the transition to the new pediatric formulation and at providing support in planning for future needs of First- and Second-line drugs. As a result of this mission GDF had recommended that the NTP organize training workshops for health care workers on the use of new paediatric formulations to ensure successful implementation in Somalia.

A GDF mission to Indonesia in September 2016 supported the NTP in developing a Procurement and Supply Management plan for a rational transition to the shorter MDR-TB regimen. The mission was conducted together with a Global Fund consultant, who led the assessment of programmatic management of drug-resistant TB and lab capacity. The NTP, with GDF assistance, developed different supply scenarios for the implementation of the shorter MDR-TB regimen that will be discussed with in-country stakeholders based. The scenarios are based on realistic quantification assumptions, such as expected progress, achievement of targets for diagnosis and enrollment of patients on treatment. The findings of the GDF mission were considered for the reprogramming of the Global Fund grant.

After assessing of the programmatic management, GDF made recommendations that will help the NTP to make necessary changes in the national TB diagnosis policy and algorithm. This will allow for expansion of rapid molecular diagnosis of all people potentially affected by TB. Equipping laboratories with Global Fund-supported GeneXpert machines would ensure, for the first time, an increased access to DR-TB diagnosis and treatment services in the country. Allowing Indonesia to progress towards universal drug susceptibility testing, in accordance with the WHO End-TB Strategy.