Global Fund releases its 2010 results report

8 March 2009 - Geneva - Global Fund-supported programmes have played a key role in recent progress in the global fight against TB, the Fund's latest results report finds. TB prevalence in many countries is declining, and the international target of halving TB prevalence could be met by 2015 if the current rate of scaling up investment is maintained. The Fund also projects that virtual elimination of mother to child HIV transmissions by 2015 is now within reach, if current rates of progress by Global Fund-supported programs are maintained; and that malaria may be eliminated as a public health problem within a decade in most countries where it is endemic.

"No other area of development has seen such a direct and rapid impact as these investments in fighting AIDS, TB and malaria," said Professor Michel Kazatchkine, the Global Fund's Executive Director.

According to the report, by the end of 2009, Global Fund-supported programs provided treatment to 6 million people who had active TB.

"We congratulate the Global Fund on the achievements highlighted in this report, which bring hope to the millions of people with TB, TB/HIV and MDR-TB. The Stop TB Partnership is honoured to work with the Fund--the world's single largest funder of TB control-- and to provide critical mechanisms that are helping countries move forward. These include the Global Drug Facility (GDF), Green Light Committee (GLC) and TBTEAM, which facilitates countries' access to a network of technical partners and competent, well-coordinated technical assistance. Through these mechanisms and our vast network of partners, we help ensure the investments of the Global Fund on TB are maximized and wisely used," said Dr Marcos Espinal, Executive Secretary of the Stop Partnership.

Other Global Fund achievements on TB include: