Independent charity evaluator gives Stop TB Partnership top rating

7 January 2010 | Geneva -- GiveWell has named the Stop TB Partnership one of the world's two most worthy recipients of charitable donations. GiveWell is an independent charity evaluator currently focused on international aid. The group started as a group of donors looking to accomplish as much as possible with their own giving; since launching in mid-2007, they have published research on both U.S. and international causes and been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and a book by Peter Singer.

GiveWell ranks organizations according to four criteria. First, they must be proven, meaning they can and do demonstrate their impact in terms of lives changed. Second, they must be cost-effective--meaning they change many lives (significantly) for relatively little money. Third, they must be scalable, or able to use more funds productively. And finally, they must be transparent.

Individuals can give funds to the Stop TB Partnership through a UN Foundation donation portal. The UN Foundation, a public charity, is an advocate for the UN and a platform for connecting people, ideas and resources to help the United Nations solve global problems. Funds contributed through the UN Foundation go towards the provision of TB drugs to countries in need through the Global Drug Facility. Donations to the Partnership can also be made through the Stop TB Trust Fund.

To read more about GiveWell's assessment of the Stop TB Partnership, read the GiveWell blog entry from 31 December 2009.