International Women’s Day 2018

For the millions of women providing care, support, love and smiles to all those affected by TB, HIV and Malaria - RESPECT!

Millions of women across the globe work as nurses, community workers, doctors, laboratory technicians, epidemiologists, researcher, pharmacists, lawyers, activists, volunteers, technicians, managers and put their minds, hearts, and efforts into making this world a better place.

Millions of women provide daily support and care to people that suffer because of TB, HIV and Malaria, often at the cost of their own health, happiness and sometimes lives.

On this International Women’s Day 2018, I want to address all of them and especially my fellow women working in and for TB and to tell every single one of them: THANK YOU!

I know we would like to save more lives and stop mycobacterium tuberculosis from killing; I know that sometimes we are frustrated that the tools we have are not new and shiny; I know we would like to give new drugs and regimens to every single person affected by TB; I know that very often our work is not recognized as much as it should be; I know that sometimes we feel that we can do much more and our voices are not strong enough - to all of us I want to say: WE ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB AND WE ARE ENDING THIS DISEASE!

My fellow women, whenever you feel like giving up I tell you: be proud of who you are, be proud of what you do, be proud of what you achieve. Raise your head and look straight ahead! And if ever you lower your head, let it be only to admire your shoes!

Thank you.

Today, we are also thrilled to welcome the ground-breaking Global Health 50/50 report in which the Stop TB Partnership emerged a high scorer amongst international organizations based on indicators such as gender parity & gender responsiveness. Read the full GH5050 report here.