Jordan’s national TB champion inspires donations to flood-hit Syrian refugee camp

14 January - Amman, Jordan - The Omani embassy in Jordan has teamed up with Jordan’s National TB Champion Rania Ismail to provide much needed support to Syrian refugees living at the Zaatari camp in northern Jordan.

Inspired by Ms Ismail’s efforts to improve living conditions at the camp, the Omani embassy has donated more than 5000 winter coats to refugees who have been battling flooding and freezing temperatures after a winter storm hit last week.

The embassy has also helped to organize tuberculosis (TB) workshops and provide financial support to Syrian families.

The Zataari camp is home to around 50 000 refugees who have fled the conflict in neighbouring Syria. With more than 3000 refugees leaving Syria a day the region faces a protracted humanitarian emergency, according to a report issued today by the International Rescue Committee.

Ms Ismail has visited the Zataari camp several times as part of her role championing the Jordan free of tuberculosis campaign. Last October she hosted a quiz on TB for children at the camp during Eid Al-Adha celebrations. She has called for further donations and support from Jordanian organizations for children in poverty-affected areas.

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