Launch of the Partnership for TB care and Control (PTCC)

1 August - New Delhi: Civil society representatives from across India came together for the official launch of the Partnership for TB Care and Control (PTCC), held in New Delhi on 30 July.

The Partnership, now formally registered as a society, brings together over 170 member organisations on a common platform, to support and strengthen India’s efforts to control tuberculosis (TB). The Partnership includes technical agencies, non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, affected communities, the corporate sector, professional bodies and academia, all dedicated to the fight against TB. Each member organisation brings specific expertise to the table, in a range of technical and programme areas to empower individuals and communities affected by TB.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr S N Misra, Chairman, PTCC said, "For those of us who have witnessed the growth of the Partnership, its official launch and registration is a proud moment. We hope that as 170 institutions come together, we can make real gains in our goal to eliminate TB".

In the years since its inception, the Partnership has been a hub for disseminating information, creating visibility for India's national TB program, responding to TB related challenges and providing support to various stakeholders.

A directory of partners was released by Dr Misra and Dr Vijay Edwards, Governing Body Member, PTCC.

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