LAUNCHED: 2nd Global Online Consultation to Develop Global Plan to End TB 2023-2030

Deadline to complete the survey: Friday, 15 Apr 2022 18:00 CEST (Geneva time)

The Stop TB Partnership launched today the second online consultation for the new Global Plan to End TB 2023 to 2030. The costed multi-year global plan is a roadmap to identify actions and resources required to end tuberculosis (TB) worldwide by 2030.

In November 2020, initial discussions began on the development of a new Global Plan, covering a period of eight years, to be launched under the direction of the Global Plan Task Force, following a significant setback in progress to end TB due to disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic. In May 2021, the Stop TB Partnership held its first online consultation to gather ideas from diverse stakeholders that would guide the direction of the Global Plan 2023 to 2030. Government officials, civil society, technical experts, people affected by the disease, the private sector, among several others, have contributed to this stage of the Global Plan’s development.

In the current phase, the Stop TB Partnership welcomes feedback on an advanced draft of the Global Plan in the following areas:

  • Is the text contained in each draft chapter of the Global Plan factual?
  • Is any part of the draft Global Plan text not relevant to the section, chapter, or the bigger objective of ending TB?
  • Is there critical information missing within the draft Global Plan chapters? (Note: the text is intended to be forward-looking and concise)
  • Is the text easy to understand?

This is an opportunity for you to contribute to the Global Plan to End TB 2023-2030.

The consultation will run from 01 April to 15 April 2022. Please note that personal identifiers such as your name, country, or affiliation, as indicated in the survey, will not be displayed publicly. Commentary and input provided through the public consultation will be reviewed and considered to finalize the Global Plan 2023-2030 as a powerful advocacy tool for the upcoming years.

The first Global Plan was launched in 2001. Since then, the Stop TB Partnership developed four other Global Plans, including the latest Global Plan to End TB 2018-2022.

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2nd Global Online Consultation to Develop Global Plan to End TB 2023-2030