New laboratory initiative launched by Netherlands-based partners

15 October 2009 | Annecy -- On the occasion of the Global Laboratory Initiative meeting today, the Royal Tropical Institute, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) together launched a new initiative, the Dutch TB Laboratory partnership.

The initiative, called DTLab for short, aims to draw on the three partners' long experience to coordinate and improve the quality and effectiveness of TB laboratory diagnostic services around the world.

DTLab will support a variety of TB laboratory services in the field, while ensuring they are evidence-based, thoroughly adapted to local needs and designed to maintain and enhance local ownership and sustainability.

"Our approach is simple and efficient. DTLab stimulates partnerships and therefore international control of tuberculosis. We use our own networks, or will recruit from other organizations, including those from developing countries," said Dr Linda Oskam, DTLab Secretary