Request for Proposals

To our TB affected community and civil society colleagues,

Since the announcement that governments have agreed to convene a United Nations (UN) High-Level Meeting (HLM) on TB in 2018, there have been strong calls from affected communities and civil society to mobilise, coordinate and ensure that our united and strategic position is heard in the lead up to and during the HLM. As Civil Society Board Members of the Stop TB Partnership, we feel that advocacy, engagement and coordination must be led by our community (including each of you) to ensure a united and legitimate TB affected community and civil society voice for the HLM.

Most recently, the call for affected communities and civil society to be represented by an advisory panel (or task force) and having a dedicated coordination body established, was emphasized by over 60 global TB advocates at the Advocacy for Action Meeting, in Bangkok, Thailand. As the Civil Society Board Members of Stop TB, we commend the initiative to host this meeting, recognize the efforts of so many to participate and commit, wherever possible, to progressing the requests we have heard from many of you.

For affected communities and civil society to be engaged, informed, capacitated and mobilized for the HLM work must begin now.

Please see the Request for Proposals (RFP) for two (2) roles. These roles reflect what we have been told by many community partners and were again highlighted in Bangkok. Of the two roles, one role is for individuals who are advocates who have various expertise and experience in the TB response. This group of between 10-15 people will come together as a Community and Civil Society Advisory Panel to guide the advocacy efforts between now and the HLM of affected communities and civil society.

The second role described in the RFP has the purpose of coordination and support. This role is for an organization who has the expertise, experience and systems in place to coordinate the extensive advocacy and engagement efforts that will be led by the Community and Civil Society Advisory Panel for the HLM.

You and the organization you work for, can apply to each of the roles, but you may only be selected in one. For network or membership based organizations, being affiliated as a member of one organization would not prevent you from being selected for the Advisory Panel, in the case that the organization is selected to coordinate the Community and Civil Society Advisory Panel.

Particularly note that applications close on 16 September 2017.

It is also important to note that resources will need to be mobilized for this to be effective. We have reached out to the Stop TB Partnership and they have agreed to fund the first meeting of the Community and Civil Society Advisory Panel during the Guadalajara UNION Conference. However, further work to mobilise resources will be required.

A teleconference for community and civil society activists and organisations has been arranged on Monday 11 September 2017 at 4pm (Geneva Time) for all your Q&A. Please join.

Also, please disseminate the RFP widely through your networks, to ensure this is an inclusive process.

In solidarity,

Austin Obiefuna, Board Member, Developing Country NGO
Aaron Oxley, Board Member, Developed Country NGO
Thoko Nkhoma, Board Member, TB-Affected Communities
Timur Abdullaev, Board Member, TB-Affected Communities