The sixth Core Group (CG) meeting of the Global Drug-resistant TB Initiative (GDI).

The sixth Core Group (CG) meeting of the Global Drug-resistant TB Initiative (GDI) took place in Liverpool, UK on 23 October 2016. All members (bar 1) of the CG, attended the meeting, along with observers from the Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI), Global TB Drugs Facility (GDF), Global Fund (GF) and the GDI Task Forces.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • To follow up on recommendations made and action points agreed upon during 5th GDI CG meeting in July 2016, and subsequent monthly teleconferences;
  • To discuss donor perspectives in the current MDR-TB landscape;
  • To provide an update on progress in scale up of MDR-TB services and care;
  • To provide an update on the progress of the respective GDI Task Forces; and
  • To update group on the civil society and advocacy related partner activities.

The participants were briefed about the activities of the GDI Secretariat since the fifth CG meeting held in July 2016. Chairs of regional GLC presented on the MDR-TB scale-up in their respective regions. This was followed by the respective GDI Task Forces presenting their progress and the activities in their respective areas to the GDI CG. The report of the meeting and action points were compiled by the secretariat, approved by the core group and shared as a public document on the GDI website.

All meeting documents can be found at the " Meetings" tab."

Sixth core group meeting of the Global Drug-Resistant TB Initiative in Liverpool, UK