Stop TB Partnership and Global Fund Community Representatives join forces to turn up the volume on TB

29 March 2012 - Geneva - The Stop TB Partnership and the Communities Living with HIV, Tuberculosis and affected by Malaria Delegation of the Global Fund has agreed to strengthen partnership, collaboration and networking.

The Communities Delegation aims to ensure that the voices of people living with or affected by HIV, TB and Malaria are reflected in Global Fund decisions on investments and programmes. By working together, the Communities Delegation and the Stop TB Partnership aim to widen the pool of TB advocates who interact with the Global Fund and ensure greater awareness and understanding of the impact of TB on communities living with HIV.

This joint initiative will focus on building a network of TB, MDR-TB and TB/HIV advocates; hosting TB workshops and sessions during Global Fund board meetings; collaboration on strategic initiatives and strengthened communication. The ultimate aim is to ensure that Global Fund investments are well tailored to meet the needs of the TB-affected communities resulting in greater impacts in terms of lives saved.

"This collaboration is exciting and long overdue," said Shaun Mellors, Board Member of the Communities Delegation. "The linkages between HIV and TB on the country level are clear. We will, through this partnership, ensure that the linkages between TB and HIV advocates are strengthened and supported. It is only through collaboration that we can expect to have any impact against either disease."

"Today we agreed to work together towards a brighter future for communities who are affected, suffer but are bravely standing up against HIV, TB and Malaria", said Dr Lucica Ditiu, Executive Secretary of the Stop TB Partnership. "This is our first collaboration with the Communities Delegation and an extraordinary step towards turning up the volume on TB at global, regional and country level discussions related to the Global Fund."